All products carry a one (1) year warranty unless otherwise specified. Valid from the date of delivery or pickup. All items are brand new and inspected in our warehouse by our quality control team. Therefore, every new product is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer’s terms and conditions as detailed in their warranty policies; therefore, all repairs or replacements need to be approved by the manufacturer. The warranty applies to manufacture defects resulting from residential use only. This warranty does not cover items used for commercial purposes. This warranty does not include -cuts, scratches, damage caused by impact/accidents, discolouration, shrinkage, fabric pilling, misshapen filling materials and stains.

Products that have been stored, assembled incorrectly, altered, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods and cleaning products, are not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not apply if the product has been placed outdoors or in an extreme environment. This warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damage. The original receipt is required for all claims and is non-transferrable.